MotorMouth: An at-home speech solution

Our Product

Current Device Prototype

  • Our current device features a slim, hand-held, portable body imbedded with various sensors and circuirty.

  • The thumb-print indentations show users exactly where the device is meant to be held for optimal comfort and results.

  • The thin oral sensor at the head of the device fits easily into any size mouth and is designed to provide accurate assessments of the user's speech without obstructing mouth and tongue movements.

  • Bluetooth features enable users to easily measure and track their progress with the device.

A CAD model showing the main body of the device.

The circuitry fits snugly within the device.

MotorMouth device in use.

Use it Anywhere

Users can practice speech in a variety of settings! Because the device tracks movement rather than sound, it can even be used in noisy places.

Variety of Applications

This device can be utilized by any individual who feels they can benefit from it. Correction of speech impediments, toungue thrusting, and rehabilitation of stroke patients are just a few of the many possible applications.

Comfort-Forward Design

This device was designed for everyone. The slim body makes it easy to hold, and the oral sensor fits easily into any size mouth.


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