The Simple Speech Solution

The Problem

In the US, approximately 1 in 12 children are afflicted by speech impairments. Currently, the main treatment option is through speech therapy with a licensed speech therapist or other related professional. This method can be problematic for a number of reasons.

  1. Lack of Transportation. Those lacking means of transportation to and from the speech therapy office are at a disadvantage for procuring these services.

  2. COVID-19 and Social Distancing. This type of therapy requires the therapist to visualize patients' mouth movements and for these speech-associated oral movements to be unhindered. The current restrictions create difficulties for both the therapist and patient in these regards.

  3. Overall Cost. Regular attendance of a speech therapist can be a costly solution to speech issues. Reducing the amount of time users need to work directly with speech therapists can cut down the overall cost of treatment.

  4. Requiring Supplemental Help or Practice. Individuals looking to practice their articulations outside therapy have limited options.

The Need

Individuals with speech impariments need a way to practice speech-associated motor movements with accurate feedback in the absence of a speech therapist or in a remote learning setting.

Our aim is to provide individuals with a way to effectively practice their speech at home, in the absence of a professional. To do this, we offer a device that detects oral movement during speech and provide feedback.

Objectives for this Project

Fit comfortably in mouth as to not obstruct or alter speech

Enable users to practice their speech remotely

Determine if mouth & tongue movements are correct

Provide feedback to the user on the correctness of their speech

Design Validation & Constraints